What are the 6 Nations?

The Six Nations Championship is a yearly rugby meet among six European teams: Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Italy and France. The 2015 champions of the league is Ireland and the purchase of Six Nations 2016 tickets is already being eyed by many.

The Home Nations Championship which began in 1883 was an international tournament between the rugby teams of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It was succeeded by the Five Nations Championship in 1910, and the current Six Nations in 2000, with Italy and France being added to the list of competitors. The winners in this tournament are often referred to as the European Rugby Champions. To date, the teams with the most outright wins are England and Wales. Each of them has 26 titles to boast. Italy and Scotland have yet to win their Six Nations Title, even though Scotland was the last winner of the Five Nations Championship.

If you are looking to get Six Nations 2016 tickets, it is best to understand the championship format. Each rugby team will play against all the other teams at least once. That will be a total of fifteen games over the course of alternating home fields. The winners get two points, the loser gets none and if it is a draw, opposing teams get a point each. There is no bonus point system in this tournament.

Get Six Nations 2016 tickets and enjoy watching your favorite rugby team win over all the other teams. A team that wins all of its preliminary games gets a Grand Slam. If a Home Nation – England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales – triumphs over all the other three Home Nations, it gets a Triple Crown. The team that finds itself at the bottom of the league after the championship is accorded the Wooden Spoon award. So far, only Ireland and England have not received the Wooden Spoon and Italy has the most number of Wooden Spoons.